Teresa C.

Submitted 03/19/21

Dr. Owen is a great dr. I would highly recommend him for knee surgery. He and his staff are friendly and will explain your recommendation so you can understand. I would recommend Dr. Owen to everyone.

Dee W.

Submitted 03/09/21

I fractured a vertebra during a boating accident. Dr. Dixit’s methodical progression of treatment before and leading up to eventual surgery was taken. Before any type of surgery was determined, all options were explored. Ultimately, a major surgery requiring rods and screws was required. Neurosurgeon Dr. Sanat Dixit performed my back surgery. Dr. Dixit and his staff provided excellent care and treatment. My physical well-being has significantly improved, and I’m now back on my feet with no pain what so ever. Dr. Dixit made my well-being his primary focus, and I am very satisfied with the care he provided. I watched and felt Dr. Dixit live through my pain; my worries; my recovery; my joys of improvement and incremental successes. I’m extremely pleased with the exceptional care I received from Taylor Clark, PA-C and Brittany Marcus, RN who were there for me during office visits and during my hospital stay. Everyone’s bed side manners were just awesome; up lifting! Words are not enough to express my happiness and gratitude. Dr. Dixit and his staff has been such a blessing and they have my up-most respect.

Melissa M.

Submitted 03/08/21

Dr Arron & staff are great. Very friendly & nice. I recommend them for any pain issues that you might have.

Tracey C.

Submitted 02/19/21

Dr. Garcia- Cardona and her staff are simply the BEST !!!!! From my very first visit years ago until now my experience with them has been very rewarding. I am almost one month post-op from having my Achilles Tendon repaired and I am doing great! I can hardly wait until I am fully recovered and back on the road to doing what I enjoy the most- traveling ! I will follow Doctors orders every step of the way! What a wonderful feeling to have a doctor with EXCELLENT bedside manners!!! I would recommend her to anyone!!!

Karen H.

Submitted 02/05/21

Each time I have met with Dr. Johnson has been an extremely pleasant visit. The Dr. is ready and able to answer questions and address concerns. Both my husband and I always felt like my health was important to him as well as providing great care. I would highly recommend Dr. Johnson.

JoEllen K.

Submitted 01/13/21

I saw Dr Walker and his assistant (not sure of her name). I’m very pleased with the care I received. Their bedside manner is second to none. They both took the time to explain what the found and the treatment I may need in the future. As a matter of fact everyone at the clinic has just been great. Highly recommended them.

Cathy W.

Submitted 10/09/20

Dr. Donovan made great judgement for my medical care and referred me to another specialist which discovered a problem I didn’t know I had!!

Ronnie S.

Submitted 10/05/20

Just a great experience group of professionals with a “taking care of family attitude.” Dr. Aaron, Amber Mitchell, CRNP and PTs (Natalie and Megan) was just outstanding. They made me feel like family and not a patient. Great attitudes!!! I would recommend SportsMed to everyone who needs treatment that falls in the scope of SportsMed areas.

James R.

Submitted 09/03/20

had total knee replacement im age 60 an have had no issues every one has been great to me 6 weeks since surgery doing better than i thought i would at this time

Bill S.

Submitted 08/19/20

I came in the Office at 0800, Tuesday 18 August 2020, with a badly damaged , bleeding toe to see if Dr B. Garcia-Cardova to fit me into her scheduled appointments. within 30 minutes of arrival, I had been admitted, X-rayed and DR Cardova was at the table examining my nearly detached toe. She quickly, with great cheer and efficiency, made a he medical recommendation which I quickly agreed to. With a injection pinch, my detached toe was stitched back in place; had a prescription, a follow-on appointment and out the door by 0920. Dr Cardova made me comfortable, answered all my inquires and it was a pleasure to be treated by her again. She is one of my favorite Doctors as she treats me like a valued individual and never hesitates to answer my “dumb” questions. If only there were more Doctors like her treating their patients like people vice another chore to dispose of for the day.

Shana M.

Submitted 07/28/20

I had back pain for many years. My legs began to “give” often. After a fall down 8 steps and a trip to the ER I was referred to Dr. Dixit. He and his staff were very Kind and professional. His was very honest with the assessment And recommended L5-S1 spinal fusion ASAP. The outcome was even greater than I anticipated!!! I can now attend church and stand through an entire Worship service pain free and sit comfortably for the remainder. I can sleep most nights with ZERO leg/back pain!!! I had forgotten what a Normal pain free day was like. Thank you Dr. Dixit for all you did!!!!

Jennifer T.

Submitted 07/16/20

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Ludwig! I went to him for a simple cyst (so I thought) but he ended up saving my life, literally. He was so compassionate, kind and thorough. He helped me and my husband through a very difficult diagnosis and recovery. Can’t say “Thank You!” enough.

Kathleen G.

Submitted 06/02/20

Dr. Sterling is a very compassionate doctor and person. The whole team there are really wonderful. He was recommended to me and I Must return the favor by telling others that he and his staff are 5 Star by Me!!


Submitted 05/26/20


Geraldine E.

Submitted 05/13/20

The staff is very nice. I was there for a nail trim. The staff was professional yet personable and I was pleased with the service.

Rose W.

Submitted 05/12/20

I really like him he’s very professional very soft-spoken and very good patience

Kirby G.

Submitted 05/03/20

Outstanding service and genuine care.

Dusty P.

Submitted 05/03/20

Great surgon couldnt have ask for better also great staff would recommend him to anyone needing knee surgery

Patti K.

Submitted 05/03/20

She explained everything to me. Made sure I got the therapy that was needed. Excellent doctor

Greg H.

Submitted 05/01/20

Awesome Doc, great team

James H.

Submitted 04/30/20

No damage, just old age. A practically painless injection to my knee gave significant relief. Thanks Dr. Troy!

Candace H.

Submitted 04/29/20

Dr Ludwig was very professional and explained my procedure perfectly. It was a great outcome!

Katherine B.

Submitted 04/29/20

Exceptional care and professionalism

Michael R.

Submitted 04/29/20

A year now after my procedure my lower back has improved by at least 90 percent. Pain is practically gone and movement unhindered. I am 67 years old and feel my back has been renewed by 20 years. I walk a mile a day and continue to do the exercises and stretches prescribed. It is important to not become complacent.

Gia S.

Submitted 04/29/20

Everything was great! I have full mobility back now.

Russ B.

Submitted 04/29/20

Outstanding! Dr Franklin did a great job giving me back full functionality for my arm. He and his staff are knowledgeable, professional,and kind. I highly recommend him.

Jasmine G.

Submitted 04/29/20

Sports Med was very swift with the whole process. They got my surgery scheduled immediately. I went to the orthopedic center first and they told me that my Achilles was not torn (which I knew wasn’t true because I’ve torn my Achilles before). Dr. Garcia saw that my Achilles was torn immediately after doing a few test. Dr. Garcia did so good on my surgery. I’m not having any problems and I feel great!

Carol J.

Submitted 04/28/20

It was wonderful. Have recommended Dr Aaron to many. It’s been a year since my last injection & still fine.

Michael P.

Submitted 04/28/20

I owe this skilled surgeon my quality of life. Very few doctors could have performed my back-to-back surgeries. I can walk & function thanks to him.

Richard J.

Submitted 04/28/20

Very personable. Did a great job on the surgery. I would recommend.

Sheila W.

Submitted 04/28/20

Very Safe & Clean Wait in Your Car till You are called.

Deanna G.

Submitted 04/28/20

I love Dr Sterling’s compassionate care. My foot arthritis is tough to treat, but he tries to do what he can and always has a big warm smile. He also helps me with my ingrown toenail issue. I recommend him to anyone needing a podiatrist.

David T.

Submitted 04/28/20

I had surgery for torn rotater cuff. It went very well and exactly like the doctor stated. Final movement came about one year later, just like he told me it would. His entire support staff were very friendly and helpful. My Thanks to all. David Toney

Marcia P.

Submitted 04/28/20

Dr Sterling is the nicest person; he really cares about his patients. I have been going to him for several years and will continue as needed.

Joyce O.

Submitted 04/28/20

Not even realizing I had a “problem”, Dr. Johnson was very informative, and generally cared about my condition. Weekly, his office would check in with me, via e-mail to see how I was doing. Over 2 years later, I feel my operation at his hand was a complete success.

Ollie F.

Submitted 04/28/20

Very professional, excellent care, great staff. Everyone cares.