About Us

Our History

SportsMED was founded in 1995 by Dr. Eric Janssen and Dr. Troy Layton, in Huntsville, AL, as a two physician practice. Their vision was to provide the community access to quality care in an environment that promoted orthopedic excellence.

Over the past 25 years, SportsMED has grown and become one of the largest, most diverse, and most innovative  orthopedic and spine care centers in Alabama. The practice now has four locations, employs 22 specialty trained orthopedic and spine physicians, has its own imaging centers, physical therapy centers, occupational therapy centers, and a health & fitness facility.

SportsMED’s growth in physicians, along with the addition of multiple complementary services lines, gives patients access to all the care they need under one roof. SportsMED is now a complete orthopedic and spine care center that embodies the founder’s original vision, of providing quality care in an environment that promotes orthopedic excellence.


To improve people’s lives by consistently delivering a superior patient experience and providing the highest quality healthcare.

SportsMED Orthopedic Surgery and Spine Center is dedicated to providing premier quality healthcare and consistently delivering a superior patient experience. We are committed to improving clinical outcomes, and maximizing our patient long-term health, by providing innovative, patient-centric, collaborative care.


To be the leader in value-based care by continuous innovation in the delivery of healthcare.

Globally recognized for their superior clinical outcomes, and outstanding patient experience, SportsMED Orthopedic Surgery and Spine Center, is the top preferred practice for Orthopedic, Sport Medicine, and Spine Care. As a single, all-encompassing practice focused on collaborative care and continuous patient heath, individuals, as well as large global companies, choose SportsMED for their care.